Gardening: Let's Get Quirky!

There truly is an art to gardening — it's design with live plants. These tips may make your head tilt, but they are awesome at making your garden thrive. Believe it or not, they work. Viva green living!

1. Cooking Water For Plants - After boiling pasta or veggies, keep the left over water. It contains vitamins and nutrients that will be beneficial for your plants. Instead of throwing it away, let it cool to room temperature and then use it to water them. This will leave your plants happier and heartier.

2. Chamomile Tea Watering - We love the versatility of chamomile tea! It's great for the soul of your plants. Yes, your plants have souls. And we want them to thrive on health! Chamomile is especially good when watering to ward off bacterial and fungal infections. It can also prevent young seedlings from damping off. Note: Make sure tea is completely cooled for plant use.

3. Plant In Odd Numbers - Pretty comes in 3's and 5's when it comes to your outdoor space. To make your garden look more balanced and pleasing to the eye, be sure to plant in odd numbers. This arrangement looks more natural than even numbered groupings and gives off the illusion that plants are bigger and healthier. Love it!

4. Night Owl Planting - Experts say that planting by the light of the moon actually causes gardens to grow faster and stronger than they do if you plant by day. There's a mystical connection between the moon and mother nature! And the added score here is that moonlight gardening minimizes water waste. Late nighters, rejoice! Use this time to zone out and clear the mind. Gardening can be so exhilarating, relaxing and calming.

5. Eggs Shell Fertilizer - Walking on egg shells CAN be a good thing! Rich in calcium carbonate, dried egg shells work as a great natural fertilizer. Try crushing them up in a blender before throwing them in your garden to enrich the soil. Then, grow plants grow.

The glory of gardening; hands in the dirt, head in the sun,  heart with nature. To nurture a garden is to feed not just on the body, but the soul. - Alfred Austin