12 Chic Beach Essentials: Lux Approved

Summer days are in the up and coming forecast and beach days are on the brain! Make the most out of your sandy venture and review some of the must-haves on our LUX approved essentials list. The linked items you see featured are supported by what we genuinely love as recommendations. Cast away!


1. The Suit via Shopbop: We all need a jaw dropping swim suit. And a retro-inspired one-piece is making a come back!


2. Reading Material via CV Luxury Magazine: Improve your tan and your mind. Catch up on the latest issue of CV Lux!

3. Sunscreen via Chanel: This lightweight sunscreen, specially formulated for the face, offers a range of protection levels to suit any lifestyle. Optimally filters harmful UVA and UVB rays, free radicals and urban pollution as it shelters skin from photo-aging and hyperpigmentation.

4. Cute flip flops via Havaianas: A universal fave! These flops are super cozy and easy to toss in your beach tote. Plus we love how many colors they come in!


5. Over-sized Sunnies via  80's purple: These are every girl's best friend. Food for thought is to get some cheapies so that you can toss them around and won't be sad if they get scratched by sand. 

6. The Ultimate Hat: via Nordstrom: This is a staple item for the beach when it comes to being fashionable and protected.

7. The Bag via Mar Y Sol's Caracas Basket Tote: This needs is essential and rooted in function for a successful beach day.

Photo Cred: Taryn Kent via Tarynkent.com

Photo Cred: Taryn Kent via Tarynkent.com

8. The Blanket via Gunn And Swain: The Beacon blanket is Neon Thunderbird goodness. 

9. Swanky Cover Up via Victoria's Secret: Let's face it, their selection and styles are simply the best.

10. After-Sun Moisturizer via Bath & Body Works: True Blue is an awesome pick for revitalizing your sun kissed skin.

11. Over-sized towel via Just Beach Towels: These cozy towels are approximately 70" long and at least 34" long. Perfect for marking your seaside territory. This is nearly a foot longer and wider than a normal beach towel!

12. Portable speaker via Thodio: Up your music game with these regal traveling speaker boxes. The ibox connects with your iphone and will blast your beats all up the beach with some serious style!

Salt in the air, sand in my hair... life is better at the beach.