Lux Pups Week: St. Francis Homeless Project

Last baking season, St. Francis Homeless Project baked 4,000 delicious treats to benefit the greater good while feeding your pup a sweet snack! Dog's Dig Em' are the all-natural treats that are baked in the St. Francis area of the Institute of Technology, with the help of Master Chef Don Waddell and his staff.

The Dog's Dig Em' program is dedicated to creating a strong relationship between you and your dog as well as you and your community. It's an amazing effort designed to empower women in recovery by providing a job and life skills training, as well as leadership development.

Through self discovery and field studies, The St. Francis Homeless Project uncovered that there's a huge correlation between animals and recovery rates. People want to be better and stronger because of their animals which is something big that inspired this project!

The magic happens in a local kitchen and involves women from the court systems and mental health care systems that have all gone through recovery with the desire for work after making tremendous strides. This provides an opportunity to develop valuable work skills in baking, marketing, job readiness and the production of these natural dog biscuits. Dog's Dig Em' treats are organic, gluten free and healthy! We love that all of the proceeds go back to helping women in recovery. Dog's Dig Em' is changing lives all while giving your furry friends a healthy treat!