Do Good: Made For Them

MadeForThem™ is a non-profit organization dedicated to combating human trafficking and human rights issues dealing with abuse, neglect and exploitation, of men, women, and children. Primary focuses are: 1. Raise financial resources to support organizations who are already engaged in combating human trafficking. 2. Educate consumers through the MadeForThem clothing line. 3. Partnering with other NGO’s and initiatives to build, support and train for comprehensive Safe House’s and mentors. 4. Provide job training skills opportunities through a MadeForThem™ manufacturing house. 5. Be a primary resource to promote socially responsible businesses.

Education is the foundation to eradicating modern day slavery. Education will birth intolerance and intolerance will birth change.

The fashion industry is a mega outlet! The MadeForThem brand aspires to be a household name for wearable, go-to fashion, raising millions of dollars to fight for those without a voice. Based out of Central California, they are active in their community! MadeForThem desires to bring a change to such a devastating problem that's actually happening in our surrounding cities.

Check out some of their beautiful threads here and get to shopping! We CAN make a difference.

27 MILLION people are being exploited worldwide for forced labor and sexual exploitation. We think ONE is too many. It is our mission to raise awareness and financial resources to combat human trafficking, using design, fashion and the arts!