Do Good: One Hope Wine

Image via ONEHOPE Wine

Image via ONEHOPE Wine

Each of us have a purpose. We can all make a difference! And we love exploring all of the amazing companies out there that are designed to give back. It’s no secret that we like to shop. It's also no secret that we love our vino. With all the retail therapy that shopping gives us, wouldn't it be incredible if all that shopping could save the planet? What if we could take the power of the consumer and use it for the greater good?

Now take that idea and apply it to something we ALL love... wine! After all, a meal without wine is like a day without sunshine. Here's where ONEHOPE comes in. It's an organization that sells wine with a built-in donation to national charities. Each bottle fights a different battle from childhood hunger, to breast cancer, to supporting our troops (just to name a few).

The cool thing is, ONEHOPE puts the power in your hands to determine which charity you want to benefit. Each bottle has a certain amount of money designated for a specific charity and then they let you pick where another portion goes. For example, if you buy their California Chardonnay, $3 will go to Fight Against Breast Cancer, and you can pick what charity will get an additional $1.90.

What a magical thing to have at your next event, party or just over dinner with some friends or family. By drinking ONEHOPE wine, you're helping people in need.

And what about weddings? ONEHOPE Weddings is the perfect way to integrate charity into your big day. Serve it at your wedding or give it away as your guest favors! Imagine this: A champagne toast that feeds over 200 children fighting hunger in America!

No one has ever become poor by giving. - Anne Frank