Do Good: Wear Luck

What is happening in your life? Feeling out of balance? Over committed? Needing a pick-me-up? Out of shape?

 What if a cute shirt could give you the visual encouragement and mental support that you need?

Kym Johnson  of Dancing With The Stars in WEAR LUCK

Kym Johnson of Dancing With The Stars in WEAR LUCK

Unlike anything in your closet, WEAR LUCK is the trendy apparel line that gives you a positive message with every piece they design. You will feel the difference when you reach for your WEAR LUCK top and know you CAN do anything! No wonder many Hollywood celebrities wear these tees; the wonderful fabric and softness and unique designs also encourage and inspire. And even the biggest names in entertainment can use a little good luck so they WEAR LUCK!

Adrienne Janic  in WEAR LUCK

Adrienne Janic in WEAR LUCK

WEAR LUCK tees and tops were recently featured on Good Morning America, and encourage you to stay positive and achieve your goals. Each design motivates and uplifts you with its lucky colors, motivational messages and symbols. Like pinning a reminder to your shirt… only cuter! It is clothing with a purpose.

The six separate lines: Wear Yoga, Wear Balance, Wear Luv, Wear Hope, Wear Intent & Wear Fitness are created and designed by an expert in their field. As an example, What’s Your Intent? Mallika Chopra, one of the spokespersons for Wear Intent & daughter of Deepak Chopra, has created a line to remind you to stay mindful of your intent. Your life has a true purpose. Discover it and start living it. Based on the idea of paying it forward, Wear Luck is also involved with many charities in either giving t-shirts with purchase to a specific charity (ie. Wednesday’s Child) or contributing a portion of the sales to others. In fact, Wear Luck will be doing a special promotion to benefit the local charity, the Marjaree Mason Center.  Look for that in the CVLux September issue!

The I Will...Give More Than I Receive collection shows strength and makes a major statement wherever you are. Love the skin you’re in and have a voice by wearing their tees! We are all about the idea behind this line and are inspired by each life they touch.

We make a living by what we get. We make a life by what we give.

― Winston S. Churchill