All About Patricia Heaton: Compton Junior Posse

There's a majestic glow that surrounds a horse. A beautiful, strong, endearing and confident animal that impacts every human they come into contact with.

Horses remain loyal to humans with which they have had past, positive encounters.

- The animals remember people even after long separation.

- Horses understand vocal commands better than expected.

Human friends may come and go, but a horse could be one of your most loyal, long-term buddies if the love is there. Their bond with humans is extraordinary!

Combine the beauty of horses with saving lives and you have The Compton Junior Posse -- A non-profit organization providing inner-city youth with a year round after school program that teams them with horses. The unique mission, track record and grassroots organization of the CJP have attracted many high profile instructors and mentors to its ranks. Among them are Will Simpson, 2008 Olympic Equestrian Gold Medal Winner, Charlotte Bredahl Baker, Olympian and International Dressage Judge, and Mickey Hayden, world-renowned trainer, all of who donate their time. This is where Patricia Heaton has found her mission.

Her enthusiasm for the program has proven emotionally and financially helpful. The hope she has is to prepare the children involved in CJP with the leadership skills they need to step out into the world. Aside from her financial support, she's helped clean stables, paint and gather furniture & computers for their after school programs featuring the science of horses. Heaton has found much excitement in giving back to her local community and inspires the hearts of many to get involved!

In 2013 Patrica received the 2013 Compton Jr. Posse Community Visionary Award. She has made a lasting impact on the organization in a very short amount of time by her personal commitment to their mission. Patricia feels she has been called to make a difference in the lives of these kids. Consider this: to affect just one child, has a ripple effect in their lives, their families' lives and to the community as a whole. Find out how you can get involved, donate and follow them on instagram for more on the organization.

A horse is the projection of a people's dreams about themselves. -Pam Brown