Lux Beauty Candy: Bright Shadows

Ever see those beautiful artistic shadows on a model's lids in a photo shoot and wish you could pull that off? The deal is... you absolutely can! Play around with some vibrant shadows and add some life into your lids for an upcoming party or event!

These bright eyes don't have to just be for the catwalk and editorials. I especially love favoring a color that represents your natural eye color, blues and greens minus the clown vibes. Here's how you can go bold with your next look to achieve that pop of color you've day dreamed about.

Ultimate Color:

The first step is to prime your eyes for the wave of color. Use a smudge-proof primer of your choice and begin by selecting the bright shades of your choice. To apply, start at the lash line and work your way up to the crease with the bright color to give that lid some definition and flare. If you desire a balance in color, apply a dark, matte, complementary shade in the crease of your eye, blending and evening with the bright shade. Finish the look with mascara and eyeliner and you're ready to P-A-R-T-Y!

Mild Color:

For more subtle tones while maintaining a bright style, the middle ground approach will satisfy your craving for color and still provide you with an everyday look. Prime the eyes, apply your favorite eye colors as you normally would. Next, select your bright color of choice and dab it onto the center of your lid / canvas. This shadow application has the power to spice up your lids while keeping it more mellow. Finish off with the liner and mascara.

Dash Of Color:

No need to fear color, but this is a way for you to test the waters. I love adding that pop of vibrant shadow on the inner tear duct, or even beneath the lower lash line to enhance your eyes and create a fun but played down color dynamic. A flash of vivid color in the right place adds a subtle glow that is appealing. Experiment and make it fun!