Lux Beauty Candy: Rainbow Hair

Has your Instagram feed been completely color bombed? Depending on which celebs you follow, you'll definitely get a taste of the rainbow with some bright hair trends! Colorful locks have become the strongest inspiration for this season's buzzed about strands. We're all about thinking outside the box and letting that creative side shine, but rule of thumb here is to avoid highlighter shades and stick with a pastel palette: pink, lilac, lavender, cool blue and aquamarine green are making a major mark on the beauty scene. Celebs like Hillary Duff, Katy Perry, Nicole Ritchie, Julianna Hough and Kylie Jenner have shown off this fun // carefree vibe.

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But the rainbow effect doesn't stop at just one color, the latest look turning heads is with “sand art hair” -- inspired by those colorful sand masterpieces we all used to make in art class as kids! Shh, I still have mine.

The rainbow connection behind this trend takes dyeing your locks all different shades in an effort to create a layering of colors that has you feeling like a dreamy unicorn! Before summer comes to an end, ask your stylist about how this trend is adding a pop of color to every mane on the beach!