Lux Bridal Ideas: Surviving An Outdoor Wedding

Outdoor weddings can be so whimsical with delicious design! But depending on the season, it can send your pores into orbit! Don't be blindsided at your next event and take some tips to heart when getting ready for your next love fest. Check out our Lux Survival Guide when it comes to weathering that HOT HOT heat with 6 tricks!

1. The Look - Be on the hunt for a cotton sundress or other clothing made of natural fibers. Loose fitting clothing will be your friend. The last thing you want is for your dress / pants to be sticking to your skin. Not exactly the best fashion statement! Search for something with the perfect balance between comfort, formality and style.

2. Don't Sink! - The wedge will save you! Stilletos are great, but they won't work at an outdoor wedding. Whether sinking into the grass, or tripping on cobblestones, you'll wish you'd worn a more sensible shoe.

3. SPF It! - Don't be the lobster girl at your next big event! You never know when the sun will shift, and chances are you'll be standing / sitting in full sun during the ceremony without the possibility of moving to shade. Be proactive with your skin!

4. Toss on a Hat - Hats are an accessory that always add sass! So adding a hat to your outfit will not only shield your face in function, but it will add some European punch to your swanky ensemble. We like!

5. Shades Are A Staple - Sunnies will save your squints and shade your face. The bigger the better! Pop up your look with some stellar additions to maximize that glam look.

6. Waterproof Mascara - To avoid looking like Edward Scissorhands, we suggest you bust out out the waterproof mascara to be on the safe side as your pores sparkle in the sun! The very last thing you want are glowing black smears down your cheeks.