Lux Bridal Ideas: Wedding Gift Guide

We're in the middle of a majestic wedding season filled with blooms, beauty and bubbly! But that million dollar question always comes up... wedding gift? A bridal registry serves a great purpose but for those creatives out there like yours truly, it's always more fun to be rebellious and go off the registry. Risky? Maybe. But if they don't like it, they can always return it. We've rounded up 6 wedding gift options that just may win you the title of, Best Gift Ever.

1. Citrus Plant - You can't go wrong with plants and trees. And when it's potted it can cater to couples who live in both apartments and homes. We love the idea behind the Clementine Mandarin Orange Tree. It arrives tangy, tart and ready for planting!

2. Personalized Cutting Board

3. Personalized Initial Door Mat

4. A Useful Gourmet Gift Basket - All things functional is the name of the game with this offering! Here's how to score extra points while paying attention to the little details to make time for an extra special gift. Take a look at the kitchen section of the couple’s registry, and make a gift basket that complements their picks. Did they register for a juicer? Buy them a juicing / cleansing recipe book and a few fun drinking glasses. Do they want a paella pan? Give them a basket of Spanish seasonings and spices.

5. Moscow Mule Cocktail Set - Bottoms up! Mule mugs are a staple in any bar / kitchen and will be a fun bag o' tricks to bust out while entertaining guests!

6. Succulent Arrangement - You can never go wrong with succulents and post wedding, your favorite newly weds will be finding ways to make their house a home. Cozy them up with an awesome arrangement nestled in a beautiful pot!

Go off the cuff and surprise your lovebird pals with a gift that screams creativity, thoughtfulness and practicality!

It's not how much we give but how much love we put into giving. - Mother Teresa