Lux Exotic Travel: Pura Vida

Whether you translate it literally—pure life—or reference its connotation—full of life, real living, the good life—this Costa Rican mantra says it all. And it’s no wonder why. Costa Rica seems to have found the secret to the good life—they keep it simple: family, friends, fresh air and good food. Here’s the best part: Pura Vida radiates everywhere and if you honeymoon here, you’re sure to absorb it like rays of sunshine.

Without a doubt, the best of Costa Rica comes in the form of its many beaches, which are served up any way you want them: wild or tamed, deserted or bustling, all sprinkled with your choice of sand—white, black or pink. One thing that remains the same no matter where you twinkle your toes is water warm enough to splash in for hours and sunsets that envelope you in euphoria. Sound like the good life?

Costa Rican beaches provide the perfect backdrop for any wish, whether it be a sunset sail, a jet-skiing jaunt, a sexy surf, or a relaxing read in the sand. Some of our faves are Jaco and Playa Grande on the Pacific side, and Punta Uva on the Caribbean.

For an inland excursion, head to Arenal National Park for active volcano vistas, hot springs, waterfalls and spelunking. Zip down through the trees towards your love like you zipped down the aisle anxious to greet them. Just know that you are not alone! Costa Rica’s noisiest inhabitants, the howler monkeys, may be small in size but they live LOUD! When you’re not swinging from the trees, you’re sure to have an encounter with the many cute creatures found on land: frogs, lizards, iguanas and TURTLES. If it has always been your dream to witness these lovably large creatures nest in their natural environment, Costa Rica is the place. Side note: these nocturnal happenings take place on the beach bathed in the moonlight… remarkably romantic!

Ease into the evening with a plate full of casado… literally a marriage on a plate (perfect for your honeymoon hunger!). Savor tasty Tico treats like rice, beans, plantains, salad and a bounty of roasted meats.

So, if you want a taste of the good life, cruise on down to Costa Rica. Bonus: the Pura Vida mindset may be the best souvenir you’ve ever come home with. Like your marriage, make it last a lifetime.