Lux Exotic Travel: Purely Puerto Rico

If you’re craving a little island energy for your honeymoon, why not do it with some Caribbean charisma? The feisty isle of Puerto Rico delivers with huge doses of sand, sun and spicy Latin flair.

With 270 miles of beaches to choose from, you are guaranteed to find your dream spot… not bad for an island that’s sized only 110 x 35 miles. Pick your poison and post up—prepare yourself for surfing, snorkeling, sunning, jet skiing, diving, banana boating… you name it, Puerto Rico’s got it!

Beachfront dining, world-class golf, and 500 acres of recreation and beauty complement a seaside cocktail with complete perfection. Just look for a long line of swaying palms, turquoise waves, and lush resorts and casinos to help you relax. Or , step it up with the electric nightlife that fills the ocean air! This Caribbean jewel delivers fun for all hours. Let loose and write your own page in the Rum Diaries. 

When you’re ready to take it to the streets, the spirit of the island undoubtedly lies in Old San Juan. Bright, color-splashed buildings lined up on charming cobblestone serve as the backdrop for shopping, dining and a whole lot of history. Visit El Morro, the island’s 16th-century fortress, once the protector of the New World. Fuel up with magical mofongo and luscious lechón (roast sucking pig) before you merengue through the streets as the sounds of steel drums fill the air.

Unleash your inner explorer with a day trip to El Yunque. Puerto Rico’s famed tropical rain forest is full of wild beauty and awesome adventure… you can hike various trails, splash in picturesque waterfalls, seek out the cute coqui frogs who will provide the soundtrack with their soothing sounds.

Top off your trip with a visit to one of Puerto Rico’s bioluminescent bays, which house one of the great natural phenomena of the world. Witness the mystique and magic of microscopic plankton that glow in the water when touched. It’s as though the entire night sky full of stars is literally at your fingertips. Take a guided kayak tour and dive right in.

When it comes to island vibes, few do it like Puerto Rico. They’ve got it down: the food, the music, the beach, the history, romantic waterfront resorts… for a honeymoon filled with tropical treats, what more could you ask for?