Lux Work Out: The Luxury Awards Best Fitness Center

The Luxury Awards Best Fitness Center will honor a facility that makes the most out of what it means to achieve a healthy lifestyle, while having some fun along the way! The most voted fitness center will represent superiority in multiple categories when it comes to a leading a FIT LIFE in a motivating environment!

FitnessSocial - A destination known as the premier Kettlebell & TRX® studio in the Central Valley. FitnessSocial has the only Central Valley Women's Health Magazine Next Fitness Star finalist ready to help inspire you! They love helping REAL PEOPLE obtain REAL RESULTS with an emphasis to live a fit with a healthy lifestyle through exercise and nutrition. They offer group classes, small group classes, semi-private trainings, private trainings, Z-Health mobility, weight loss and leaning out programs, customized nutrition plans, 30/60/90 day challenges, health seminars, workshops and other additional services that promote a healthy lifestyle.

The Bar Method - Bar Method offere technique that gives students beautiful, lean, toned and healthy bodies for life. The Fresno studio is known for its plush, spa-like environment with dark rich wood floors, crystal accessories and beautiful ceilings. A community has formed with stronger, leaner bodies and calm souls, making The Bar Method Fresno the place to be!

Flux Pilates & Wellness - Specializing in Pilates Reformer Classes, they offer more than core fitness. Reformer Plus Pilates implements a “fusion” approach to up to date fitness technology to strengthen, lengthen and tone the body. This method produces results quickly and safely, using the following key elements: Develops greater core strength, improves balance and coordination, controlled movement and promotes greater strength and flexibility.

GB3 – George Brown Sports Clubs - With 5 locations in the Central Valley, GB3 is a workout powerhouse. With large facilities that include a variety of classes, machines, Heavy Punching/Kicking Bags, Ball Tossing Trampoline, Cross Training Machines, TRX, Marpo Rope Trainers, Pools, Kettlebells, Dumbbells and more... they are a MEGA machine when it comes to a FIT LIFE!

Blue Moon Yoga - As a Bikram Yoga Affiliate, BlueMoon's pledge is to provide you with the best instruction in a focused setting. They have a a safe and caring environment where your efforts and time are well-spent in a clean, fresh and allergen-free atmosphere. Located in the Piazza del Fiore, the yoga-friendly grounds are inviting and serene, away from traffic and noise, enhanced with the gentle rush of water in the fountains and music piped in amidst the olive trees and lavender gardens.

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