Lux Work Out: The 10-Day Fitness Plan

10 days later and you'll be thanking us! Find the motivation in a variety of activities to get you walking like a mean, lean, fighting machine. When you have something to follow, a road map if you will... it's as if you are in need of completing your fitness homework. In a perfect world, a longer regimen is ideal like a 30 day challenge. But with busy lives, we though we'd start with a 10 day plan. No ifs, ands or buts about it... take the challenge!

Day 1: Abs and Core Workout

Day 2: Cardio Blast

Day 3: Sleek and Strong Work Out with Weights

Day 4: Fluid and Flexible Yoga / Stretching

Day 5: Active Rest Day

Day 6: Swim Day / Laps in a Pool

Day 7: 20-minute Metabolic Burn + Weights

Day 8: Cardio Blast + Flat-Tummy Running

Day 9: Abs and Core Workout

Day 10: Fluid and Flexible Yoga / Stretching