Lux Love Notes: Kick it with Kettlebells!


Summer is about to wrap soon and if you've been on a frustrating fitness ride, there's still hope! Kettlebell Kingdom reigns at FitnessSocial with a variety of classes infusing these mean & lean bells! Check out all of the classes ranging from Kettlebells with TRX, Cardio, Tighten & Tone and so much more. According to Kettlebell Queen, Dina Juve (Co-Owner of FitnessSocial / Contestant for Women's Health Magazine Next Fitness Star) the most valuable exercise is - Hands down, the kettlebell swing. It's a full-body, weight-training, and cardiovascular workout if done properly. It fires up your posterior chain (the muscles in the back side of your body—hamstrings, glutes, lower back) and your arms and core, helps improve posture and overall mobility, strengthens your heart, and torches fat. And it is low-impact but will get your heart rate up like you're sprinting. With one exercise—which you can do at the gym, in front of the TV, or out in your backyard—you can transform your body.

Kettlebell Benefits:

- You’ll fire up more muscles

- You’ll realize you’re stronger than you thought

- You’ll lose more weight in less time

- Your posture will improve

- You’ll boost your rear in one move

- You’ll have an easier time performing daily activities

- Flexibility without long poses

- Combines “cardio” and “strength” training

- Greater fat loss