Lux Love Notes: Altour Fresno Travel

Make it an ENDLESS Summer and let Altour Fresno whisk you away! Perhaps you have just one more craving to escape to the island life before the season of adventure comes to an end. Altour Fresno specializes in securing and creating memorable experiences: Exotic tropical island vacations, luxury and adventure cruises, romantic getaways, honeymoon packages, safaris, and tours. They'll work with you to match your travel interests and your lifestyle with the vacation of your dreams.

We love how their site is filled with the most comprehensive variety of travel specials making the booking process simple. They are dedicated to helping you find the vacation that will match up with your dreams and your budget! So what do you say... how about a trip to Laucala Island? Laucala is one of a triplet of small islands that lie to the east of Thurston Point on the island of Taveuni in Fiji. The privately owned islands are the site of the exclusive Laucala Resort.

Don't wait to check off exciting thrills off your bucket list! Just check out these images from a trip that could become your reality where a DEEP flight under the sea awaits.

The travel gurus at Altour Fresno will take you on a journey that sets you apart from the rest. Take the first step and LIVE in the now!