Lux Home Sweet Home: Cool DIY Cleaning Tips

10 ways to make your home sparkle with the best kept secrets!

1. Shower Squeegee - Best way to collect unwanted pet hair on your carpets and rugs.

2. White Vinegar, Ice Cube Tray + Lemon - Best way to clean your garbage disposal. The ice sharpens the blade, the lemon freshens things up and the white vinegar cleans!

3. Baking Soda, Bleach + an old tooth brush - Best way to clean the grout lines in your shower. 

4. Distilled White Vinegar - Freshen up your towels and wipe away any mildew smell. Wash your load of towels on the hot cycle and add 1 cup of vinegar to the load. Do not use detergent or anything (especially bleach)… just hot water and the vinegar. Then, if you still smell a little bit, rewash with just hot water and 1/2 cup of baking soda. Again, no detergent, just baking soda and hot water

5. Hydrogen Peroxide - Turn your bottle into a spray bottle and get to work on cleaning thing like your windows, tubs and toilets.

6. 1/2 cup vinegar, 1/2 cup olive oil - Wood cleaners can be overrated and still leave behind marks on tables. Take away scratches with just two ingredients and a towel.

7. Onion - Make your outdoor grill non-stick and wipe away food residue with a single onion.

8. Lemon - Remove hard water stains around your faucets. Just cut the lemon in half and rub away those hard to remove stains!

9. An old sock, white vinegar - Make like a sock puppet and get to cleaning those blinds / shutters.

10. Dish soap, white vinegar - Instant tub cleaner. Spray on, let it sit for an hour and wipe away stains.