Lux Home Sweet Home: Simple, But Mighty Home Additions

There are so many creative ways to get outside the box and spice up your homes style. It's all about making those small touches to make a mighty statement. For example... Need a bed frame? How cool is this idea. We love the rustic wood paneling of different shapes and height to really give a bedroom character.

Add some classic decor with old antique mirrors. And if you're feeling extra fancy, you can round up a collection of the antique mirrors to create a mirror wall. The hunt for these gems is often the most fun and adventurous part! Thrift stores, vintage fairs and antique shopping outta do the trick.

Subway tiles in the kitchen or bathroom will freshen up the look of your space! Subway Tiles are versatile, with over 100 years of history. They go great in back-splashes, kitchens and bathrooms.

Add a splash of color for a small modern space! With white, the lime green color is delicious or even an amber or aqua. Love the touch of the lime pots with the indoor plants. You'd be surprised how much this touch can open up a room and make it more inviting and happy!

Decorative hanging lamps or lanterns against a white embellished wall makes heads turn especially when they are featured in a dimly lit home. Actually, if you add a dimmer on the lanterns you'll score some extra mood setting points!