Behind The Wheel: End Of Summer Road Trips

1. Davenport Beach - Shark Fin Cove will swallow your summertime sadness! Hundreds, perhaps thousands, of years ago the shark fin was an extension of the mudstone cliff that encloses this beach. Over the years, the force of the crashing waves and whistling winds steadily eroded away the rock in a process called coastal geomorphology. A massive rock stands guard over a small cove full of geologic wonders just up the coast from Santa Cruz, only 0.7 miles south of the town of Davenport.

2. Catalina Island - Savor island life on the Catalina beaches. Boating, golf cart explorations up through Wrigley Mansion, shopping, dining, paddle boarding, snorkeling, sun bathing and zip-lining are just a few of the incredible things that Avalon offers. The island is 22 miles long and 8 miles across at its greatest width. A quick ferry ride is all it takes to get to this majestic destination where laughter echos from the shore, fish and chips are served up daily and life seems to stand still.

3. Joshua Tree - Journey through the mystical sands of Joshua Tree. Two distinct desert ecosystems, the Mojave and the Colorado, come together in Joshua Tree National Park. A fascinating variety of plants and animals make their homes in a land sculpted by strong winds and occasional torrents of rain. Dark night skies, a rich cultural history, and surreal geologic features add to the wonder of this vast wilderness in southern California.

4. Bandit Town - Vintage California in Bandit Town may be the best kept secret. Home of Music Festivals, Antique & Handmade Fairs, Wild West Saloon, Boutiques, Pop Up Shops, Guest Rooms, Wedding Chapel & Rodeo Arena. This little getaway in North Fork, California ain't no ghost town any longer!

5. Fort Bragg Sea Glass Beach - Soak up a seaside of sea glass! From 1906 to 1967, everything from cars to batteries to bottles, cans and appliances were unceremoniously pushed over the cliffs into the ocean — a common practice of seaside cities for centuries. Mother Nature responded to this abuse with a nice surprise in the form of smooth, colored sea glass treasure in a rainbow of colors.