LUX Funny Valentine: Most Romantic Cities In The U.S.

Valentine's Day looms and cupid is ready to strike! America, the land of the free and home of the brave is also filled with a whole lot of love and romance. As we lead up to a day of hearts and flowers, let's chat about America's Most Romantic Cities.

Criteria Used:

  • Percentage of the population that is married—If a city has romance at its core, there’s a good chance marriages will thrive there.
  • Romantic restaurants per capita—A candlelight dinner is a must for a romantic night out.
  • Boutique hotels per capita—A city has to have plenty of options for a romantic stay.
  • Public parks per capita—There’s nothing more romantic than a picnic in a pretty park.
  • Walkability score—Strolling the city hand-in-hand is certainly romantic.

Drum roll please... Here's the list of America's Most Romantic Cities:

1. Sunnyvale, CA - Some may call this little spot a hidden gem. Located on the south side of the Bay Area lies the quiet intimate town of Sunnyvale, CA. Couples flock to the opportunity of romantic weddings here that are often held at Freedom Hall & Gardens. The peaceful neighborhoods mixed with their quaint downtown, make it a perfect destination for long walks and romantic talks with your one and only love.

2. Honolulu, HI - I mean... Hawaii just oozes love! Honolulu is a popular destination for vacationing couples, as it offers plenty of restaurants, boutique hotels and public parks, in addition to those classically romantic white sandy beaches, views and magnificent sunsets. And what about adventurous ways to celebrate love like shark diving and snorkeling!

3. Torrance, CA - The Pacific Coast Highway runs right through this picturesque beach community, which means it is quite accommodating to couples on a romantic road trip. The lovely beaches, parks and downtown offer ample space to soak up the sun and explore with your significant other.

4. Seattle, WA - Seattle is known for its culinary delights and lively yet charming dining options. Many of the restaurants come with stunning views of the bay making it ideal for flirtation. Perhaps one of the most romantic (and famous) spots to dine is SkyCity, which sits atop the Space Needle. And who could forget strolls through Pike Place Market or rides on the giant whimsical Ferris Wheel at Pier 57 on Elliot Bay. It's proven that it's not so bad to be sleepless in Seattle!

5. Alexandria, VA - Take an adventure to a special destination east of the Rockies! Known as Old Town, the downtown area has a high concentration of shops and restaurants lining the enchanting cobblestone streets. The classic vibe of Alexandria certainly sets the stage for a romantic day-to-evening date. What more could you ask for?

6. Portland, OR - With a variety of nightlife and music, Portland offers up a ton of options for a flirty night out on the town! Add in the the peaceful scenery and quaint surroundings of a big city and it's perfect for couples. Portland’s natural beauty can be enjoyed in many different ways, including public parks, such as Tom McCall Waterfront Park.

7. San Francisco, CA - Tony Bennett didn't leave his heart in San Francisco by chance. The city by the bay encompasses romance to the fullest! Stroll hand-in-hand across the iconic Golden Gate Bridge, and then warm up together over a legendary clam chowder at the wharf. Finish off the evening sampling chocolates at Ghirardelli Square and then relaxing with a nightcap at Jardinière.

8. Bellevue, WA - Bellevue sits just across Lake Washington. There is clearly a lot of romance here, as nearly 57% of its population is married. Bellevue also has enough public parks to have a picnic practically once a weekend for a year and not go to the same park twice! And don't think the swings aren't on on the list of park to-dos!

9. Pasadena, CA - The City of Roses represents romance with flying colors. There are plenty of romantic restaurants, stunning outdoor wedding venues and a gorgeous downtown area perfect for strolling with your bae.

10. San Diego, CA - Beachy, vibrant and full of life... San Diego ranks in big time with romantic restaurants, luxurious hotels and endless attractions, like the San Diego Zoo, Seaport Village and beautiful beaches fit for a day in the sun or a carefree bike ride up the coast line. It’s the surroundings of America’s Finest City that really boost the romance factor, particularly the spectacular views of the bay and city skyline.