LUX Awards: Best Fitness Nominees

Fit·ness // ˈfitnəs // noun: the condition of being physically fit and healthy. Your health is in your hands.

FitnessSocial - A destination known as the premier Kettlebell & TRX® studio in the Central Valley. FitnessSocial has the only Central Valley Women's Health Magazine Next Fitness Star finalist ready to help inspire you!

They love helping REAL PEOPLE obtain REAL RESULTS with an emphasis to live a fit with a healthy lifestyle through exercise and nutrition. They offer group classes, small group classes, semi-private trainings, private trainings, Z-Health mobility, weight loss and leaning out programs, customized nutrition plans, 30/60/90 day challenges, health seminars, workshops and other additional services that promote a healthy lifestyle.

Live Fit - Live Fit Inc. combines many professions into one cohesive team of Fitness and Wellness experts. Our private studio is uniquely designed to provide a high level of service and customer satisfaction in multiple avenues. We offer advanced fitness programming through one on one personal training and restorative wellness treatments that include skin care and massage therapy. Our precision and attention to detail creates a private studio designed for a purpose in which we specialize.

Fightgirl Fitness - We specialize in Kickboxing and fight training/conditioning. We offer classes that are challenging, yet fun! This IS NOT a traditional Martial Arts or Kickboxing studio. And this isn't like the "kickboxing" offered by your local aerobics instructor! There is no uniform requirement, no ranking system, and no extra fees built-in. Fighters are some of the fittest athletes in the world, and we want you to train like one without actually having to get in the ring!

GB3 – George Brown Sports Clubs - With 5 locations and growing in the Central Valley, GB3 is a workout powerhouse. With large facilities that include a variety of classes, machines, Heavy Punching/Kicking Bags, Ball Tossing Trampoline, Cross Training Machines, TRX, Marpo Rope Trainers, Pools, Kettlebells, Dumbbells and more... they are a MEGA machine when it comes to a FIT LIFE!

Flux Pilates & Wellness - Specializing in Pilates Reformer Classes, they offer more than core fitness. Reformer Plus Pilates implements a “fusion” approach to up to date fitness technology to strengthen, lengthen and tone the body. This method produces results quickly and safely, using the following key elements: Develops greater core strength, improves balance and coordination, controlled movement and promotes greater strength and flexibility.

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