LUX Get Pretty: 6 Secrets On Achieving Perfect Hair

Good thing we have stylists to lean on when it comes to the education and health of our hair. Our locks need to feel the love every now and then, and below are some amazing points on how to achieve perfect hair thanks to the beautiful Hallie Lopes from Louis Vargas Salon.

1. Good Grubbin - You are what you eat! Healthy diet is crucial for keeping your locks in great shape. Also taking the vitamin biotin is awesome for your hair skin and nails.

2. Tool Timeout - Take a break from the hot tools once and awhile. Weather you use them on a regular basis or not.. It's a good idea to try and use a thermal protector as well. My go to product for this is Melu Shield by Davines with Rosemary extract. 

3. Sunny Shield - Protect your hair like your skin. When you go into the sun try to use hair products that provide UVA and UVB protection.  

4. Environment Overload - Too much build up from either products or the pollutants outside such as dirt, dust and fumes will leave your hair feeling gunky and gross. To keep your hair feeling clean and easier to manage, I recommend using a good clarifying shampoo. My personal favorite is Authentic Cleansing Nectar by Davines.

5. TLC - Deep conditioning once a week or every two weeks is a great way to keep the dry, frizzy or split ends at bay. An amazing one is Crème Chronologiste by Kérastase. It's good for deeply nourishing the scalp and hair!

6. Snip Snip - Getting regular trims is ideal. Even though it doesn't make your hair grow faster what it actually does is prevent split ends from creeping their way up the hair strand. The more they creep the more you have to cut!  So it's best to catch them early by snipping them about every 10-12 weeks. So most people think if you cut your hair it makes it grow faster... really it's just keeping it healthy from split and brittle ends that eventually just break off... leading you to believe your hair is growing slower.

Special thanks to cutie, Hallie Lopes for her expert advise!

Find your style, love your hair, love yourself!