LUX Home Inspo: Get Wallpaper Wild

Create The Mood - Wallpaper goes way beyond what can be done with paint. Change the entire mood of a room with color / pattern / texture / design. Go with the theme of a room or set the walls apart with an eccentric flare to bring the space to life!

Go For A Cozy Vibe - Alternate your space by bringing it all together with the art of wallpaper to give a less cavernous feel. This works great for a master bedroom or living room to tie everything together and warm it up. Even something as simple as the print above will do the job!

Swag Up A Small Space - For a small space such a a bathroom or office, wallpaper magically opens an area. Create the illusion of height or make a space roomier with this savvy trick! Beyond creating an opened up feel, wallpaper adds so much style to any part of the home and it's so easy to do!

Make A Jewel Box Out Of A Room - A busy, whimsical or interesting print can transform a small room into your home's jewel box. Mix in a splash of color of to accent the walls and you've done wonders for a boring space.


Image via INC.

Make Em' Say WOW - Wallpaper can make almost any type of design statement by adding vibrancy and energy to a space. Go wild with it and watch how that area of your home can POP! As long as you have a method to the madness, pattern mixing doesn't have to be a scary thing. Just own it!