LUX Shop: The Charm Opener by Caterina Jewelry

The Charm Opener is a patented, ingenious tool that puts an end to chipped nails and ruined manicures for good. 

Charm bracelets have been around for many years now, and recently they have re-emerged as a growing trend among women across North America. Sadly, charm bracelets are not always easy to open. Many women use their nails to unclasp them, often chipping them and ruining their manicures in the process. Others try unclasping the bracelets using sharp objects such as knives, putting their personal safety at a risk while scratching and damaging the appearance of the jewelry at the same time.

Caterina Jewelry has invented and patented the Charm Opener to address these challenges. The Charm Opener is a tool that can successfully open all brands of charm bracelets, such as Pandora and Chamillia, and not just bracelets in the Caterina Jewelry range. Small, easy-to-use, and portable, this tool works by separating the edges of the seam where the charm or bead is sealed in a matter of seconds. The Charm Opener is the only tool of its kind to open charm bracelets while still on your wrist.

Kathy Ireland, supermodel, actress, entrepreneur, and TV personality, states: “The Charm Opener is a wonderful solution for everyone!” J. L. Haber, Vice President of Programming of Modern Living with kathy ireland®, furthered: “[Opening charm bracelets] is an issue that women deal with on a regular basis. It is fantastic that a company is trying to make this simpler!”

The Charm Opener has been featured in all jewelry magazines, as well as in mainstream press. Most notably, the lux tool was introduced to the public during an exclusive interview with Kathy Ireland of Modern Living with Kathy Ireland® TV, which aired on E! Network and Bloomberg International Worldwide back in October 2015.

A video that demonstrates how the Charm Opener works can be found  here. Watch now !