LUX Beauty: Intelligent Skincare

What makes Intelligent Skincare different:

Simplifies an otherwise overwhelming skin care regimen for busy women and men. Essentially, Intelligent Skincare products mirror what busy women and men do – multitasking. Instead of having to buy numerous products, each one performing a different function – whether it’s improving the tone and texture of the skin, reversing sun damage, preventing oxidative damage, unclogging pores and improving skin color – Intelligent Skincare products are formulated to achieve numerous effects with just one or a few products.

Intelligent Skincare products have a significantly higher concentration of active ingredients as well as a multitude of actives as compared to the standard mass-produced cosmetic lines. In this way, the consumer can use just one or a few products instead of several to achieve the desired results. Maximal concentration of ingredients coupled with numerous ingredients in each product makes each application more efficient and more effective.

This is an efficient line for the busy consumer. Fewer steps are needed to address multiple concerns, minimizing the time-consuming steps of waiting between applications of a multitude of products, each targeting a different action. Fewer products also means less expense to achieve the desired results. All of this in a formulation that uses only the purest ingredients with minimal use of preservatives and stabilizers to decrease the risk of irritant and allergic reactions.

Why buy Intelligent Skincare products?

Maximal benefits for many different skin concerns from application of a highly active product. Dermatologist Formulated For Healthy, Beautiful Skin – Repair, Restore, Regenerate Intelligent Skincare is the first truly dermatologist formulated skincare line from top-to-bottom. Each product in the Intelligent Skincare line is developed by Markéta Límová, M.D. in Fresno, CA – not bought from a cosmetic company – and is private labelled.

By formulating the products herself, Dr. Límová is able to implement strict purity controls to minimize the use of preservatives and stabilizers – no parabens or formaldehyde are used in any of Intelligent Skincare’s products and animal testing is NEVER performed. Intelligent Skincare allows patients and consumers to achieve results of fresher, smoother, brighter and more youthful looking skin.

Explore more with Intelligent Skincare, Marketa Límová, MD & Leah Press, MD. Board Certified Dermatologists.

Visit them at their Intelligent Skincare Medical Spa at their Fresno, CA office location:

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