LUX Mommy: Date With Mum

Mother's Day is such a special time to get out and do something awesome together! Quality time over a fun activity can really bring the celebration together. There's nothing quite like a Mother's love and for that, we will relish in life hand in hand. Check out some beautiful ideas on how to make her smile.

1. Get Pampered Together - Pedicures, facials and massages are truly a girl's best friend. Share in the heaven with Mom while catching up and mellowing out... and it's as good as gold!

2. Tea Party - Dust off the saucers and tea pots to Mad Hatter it up! Tea time paired with some dreamy tunes like Bosanova and you're in for a real treat. Speaking of treats, add a little baking into the mix together and it's pure bliss!

3. Movie Date At Home - For a free and easy date idea just hop into your most comfy pair of pajamas, bubbly, some buttery popcorn and enjoy some of your fave chick flicks together. Score!

4. Learn Something New - Always wanted to learn how to sew? Well this is a great way for you both to learn together! Don’t stop with sewing, find classes for cooking, photography, floral design or creative writing.

5. Plant A Garden - Veggies, berries or her fave flowers... get under the sun with Mum and make a day out of vitamin D and sweet tea!

6. Shoe Shopping - Nothing more needs to really be said, right?! Boots, stilettos and wedges Oh My! Bring home a couple pair of new kicks for the both of you and everyone is all smiles. After all, give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world!

7. Skating Rink - Head out to your local skate rink and let out that inner kid! Laughter and light fun is an amazing combo together! Loving this idea. Talk about memories!


8. Picnic It Up - Grab a basket of your fave wine and cheeses and day dream under the trees together for a relaxing little picnic to perk up the afternoon!

9. Slumber Party - Ok, now we're talkin! What's better than a slumber party with the Mama? This is the perfect way to share in some bonding and giggle the night away playing games, watching movies, painting nails, reading the latest mags and just keeping it simple.

10. Paint and Wine Night - Painting and wine go so well together! Head out to a venue to do this or just bring the canvas home and make a night out of it.