LUX Adventurer: Define It, Uncover It!


An adventure can be both big and small. But what it does to the brain is always monumental! Clarity, inspiration, connection, outreach, decompressing and most of all memories come out of being unconventional and exploring to channel your inner wanderlust. Give your mind, body and spirit something new to fuel the fire within for the coming days. We promise you won't regret it. Life is far too short! For when you least expect it, the great adventure finds you. Be curious, be fearless and go get lost because nothing can substitute experience!

1. Travel - Do something that makes your guts LOVE you! Go somewhere and escape. Make your own noise. Make friends with the locals. Make a difference. Hideaway in a tiny corner of the world that makes your inner being scream with joy. Whether you visit a new city, beach or mountain top in the United States or venture to another country, make it happen. Try new things, eat new foods, embark on new experiences. Whatever you do... just LIVE!

2. Take a Road Trip - Fly solo or grab a pal, but life on the road is simply better. There are plenty of destinations right here in the states that will tug on your gypsy strings and leave you wanting more. Make a plan, follow a map, or just drive and see where you end up! Sometimes not having a plan can lead you to the most magic places of them all!

3. Go On A Hike -  Uncage and quiet the mind with a hike and get re-acquainted with Mother Nature. She's waiting for you! There are a million places in California and even in the backyard of the Central Valley with Yosemite just up the road. Same method follows: Find a designated hike or make up your own! Go solo or go with a crew. Just get out there already and leave your cell phone at home.


4. Scuba Dive - Get certified and see what life is like under the sea. Float freely, you never know what you might find! Dive not to escape life, but for life to escape you.

5. Camp Under The Stars - Talk about a hideaway. Sometimes it's just nice to disappear and get to know yourself again in a stripped down setting where the stars are your only company. Listen to the harmonious sounds of nature around you and unwind even if it's only for one night, you'd be amazed at what it can do for your spirit!

6. Do Something CRAZY - Get a rush and finally check that item you've always wanted to do off your bucket list! Yea it looks cool just sitting there taking up space on your list, but NOW is the time to live in the present and do just that.

7. Bliss Out On a Private Island - Sugar-white sand, palm trees, a hammock, food delivery in the form of a picnic hamper await. Sea kayak, snorkel among sea turtles, then laze the day away on the beach until the stars come out.

8. Spin In The Country's Best Bike Towns - Feel alive with the rush of blood and fix of fitness by getting outside to cycle through some of the most beautiful paths and roads known to man. Cycling is a cleanse. It's euphoria!

9. Surf Endless Beaches - Nothing beats your toes in the sand and your limbs cast in a wave. Seek out a new beach to surf and you'll wind up with more than a pocket full of new experiences and feelings. Speak in every curling wave and sing in every violent breeze!

10. Canoe / Paddle Board To The Earth's End - Get away from it all and go upstream. Breath in the fresh air, re-charge, zone out and empty your brain from the daily noise.