LUX Scent: 1st Femme

Cindy Nkem Siren, is the Founder of 1st Femme fragrance. A women’s empowerment supporter, Siren has created a bold scent that embodies luxurious soft floral notes for the powerful women. CVLUX sat down with Siren for a Q&A. on what her scent entails and why she is 1st Femme.  

1. What’s the most important message of the 1st Femme brand/fragrance?

1st Femme was created with the smart, sophisticated girl "on to go" in mind. I designed the 1st Femme fragrance to be a staple in every women's beauty cupboard that could also go along with her no matter what she were up to. A scent versatile enough to take you from the board room to your honeymoon. The 1st Femme brand is committed to creating quality personal care and beauty products that help women look, feel and smell their very best. We encourage women to shine bright and put their best foot forward every day. Our Femme Club is focused on building a community of female thought leaders across the board. And ultimately being a hub of positive influence for younger girls coming up to emulate. 

I am passionate about women empowerment and the femme clubs goals are to promote, support and encourage the next generation influential women.

2. What inspired you to choose the scents you did to make this particular fragrance?

The fragrance notes and their symbolism are very important in understanding the 1st Femme brand and our commitment to superior quality products and women in general. The base notes are silky musk and creamed vanilla, musk being one of the most expensive natural product in the world and really inspires an element of luxury in the fragrance. Vanilla being the second most expensive spice in the world next to saffron promotes again our desire for quality. It gives the fragrance a sweetness that is attractive to the senses. Women as a gender are hugely concerned with appearing or perceived as attractive.  Our middle notes are freesia and jasmine, two very feminine fragrance notes. Jasmine is one of the most commonly used flower for meditation which inspires a sense harmony and serenity, as in our brand we believe greatly in the importance of harmony among women. Freesia brings about freshness that radiates from a long distance and is the statement making note in the perfume. Keeping the scent long lasting, long after its sprayed. Our top notes are fresh green nuances which brings a freshness to the mixture that makes people say, oh that smells really good! The scent mixes uniquely with everyone's body chemistry and instantly draws you in. The fragrance is oil based and adds a nice layer of moisture to the skin when sprayed directly on the body given a very delectable appearance. It really encapsulates the 1st Femme woman's signature scent. 

3. What is next for 1st Femme?

Next up for the brand, 1st Femme is launching a line of personal care and beauty products that include a facial cleanser, body butter and age defying all natural face oil. We are also working on a line of color cosmetics that are finely crafted to use the safest raw materials and done so beautifully. 1st Femme is all about giving women the things they deserve and being a constant reminder of the beauty in the world no matter where you are.