LUX Shop: Mermaids & Company

Mermaids & Company is a traveling boutique that follows the stars, styled for the beautiful dreamer and gypsy soul. Built for a lifestyle of endless adventure. And we have to say the girl gang that supports founder / creator Cassandra Fortuna is one rad crew! LIVE in the water, LOVE by the moon and SHOP Mermaids & Co.

Meet creator, Cassandra Fortuna: Mermaid by day, dreamer by night.

LUX: What inspired you to become a part of the surf, skate, fashion culture?

Cassandra: The extreme sport and fashion world have always been a lifestyle I've naturally gravitated towards. I grew up exploring with weekends of endless adventures. Always wanting to push myself and try something new.

I'd say that my path really took fruition when I worked at amazing surf shop down in Santa Monica, ZJ Boarding House. I worked mostly in the "Ladies Lounge" which was an area dedicated girls // women. I fell in love with being immersed in all the clothing, talking with customers, shopping with customers and seeing all of the new pieces for the upcoming season. I just dug it! I loved listening to the stories of the two owners Mikke and Todd when chatting about how they got their start. They lived their dream. They did it, they went for it, they took a chance and didn't give up. To me, that meant I could too. From there, Mermaids and Company was eventually created. Inspired by all of the unique, beautiful, creative, powerful and fearless women in my life. And of course the one thing that all women can relate to, fashion.

LUX: What's been your favorite part about creating the concept of your mobile boutique? We are loving the mermaid tail texture inside. 

Cassandra: Seeing everything come together exactly how I imagined has been absolutely amazing and fulfilling. The project that I could not wait to start and finish was the mermaid tail inspired ceiling. When it was finally finished: I fell madly in love, laid down on the floor and just starred at it. The ceiling is what ties the whole thing together, it almost takes on a life of its own.

LUX: Where do these fashion / lifestyle wheels plan on exploring and stopping off at?

Cassandra: The most exciting part about being a store on wheels is that the opportunities can be creative with future locations that are truly endless. We plan on attending events that include but are not limited to farmers markets, music wine // art festivals and craft fairs. I'd love to create our own events. On top of any events scheduled, Mermaids and Company offers private shopping parties for those awesome girls nights. Our dream is to travel as much as possible up and down California and possibly across the country.

LUX: How would you describe your shop? What are some of the brands you carry? 

Cassandra: I would describe the shop as the perfect mermaid closet that offers something for any fashionista , skater girl and beach babe. Mermaids and Company carries brands new and fresh to Fresno. I absolutely love all of the brands we carry. With summer here I am so excited to be carrying swim wear, one brand is Swim Like A Mermaid. They were just featured in Sports Illustrated Swim Suit edition, for the first time. The suits are all reversible, great fabric, beautiful cuts and amazing prints. Gunn & Swain have amazing blankets for the beach or decorating. Pura Vida, Cameron Hawaii, Sienna Moon and Isla James are a few other brands found at Mermaids and Company. We are also always interested in supporting any local designers that fit the shop!

Always be yourself, unless you can become a Mermaid. Then always be a Mermaid. The ocean is everything I want to be. Beautiful, mysterious, wild and free.

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