LUX Fall Forecast: Beauty Trends

The ultimate Autumn vixen...

Prince said it best: You've got the look, you've got the hook, U sho'nuf do be cookin' in my book, Your face is jammin', Your body's heck-a-slammin'...

We've got 5 different Fall looks to share with you inspired by Autumn beauty and sweater weather. Where one girl can transform her look, her mood, her vibe, her appeal to kicj off this new season with a BANG!

Style is way to say who you are without having to speak.

1. Brooklyn Tomboy - It's a merge and mash up to create one beautiful human. We are loving the element of highlighted skin to create a dreamy glow, texture in the hair accompanied by a sleek side part or slicked back with either a braid or hair knot, clean eyes and lips and soft yet cool mascara.

2. After Hours Avant-Garde - She's a bit of a night-timer, a social lite with distracted style. She rocks tailored jackets (leather) with dresses and booties. Bed head braids and and soft knit furs. Matte make-up with textured hair (sea salt) and a whole lot of sass in between! She IS your nightcap.

3. The Black Swan - She's fierce yet subtle. Elegant yet mod. She's a blend of tights and messy yet tight waves for textured hair (while ignoring all funky kinks). With a peachy lip dressed with creamy eye shadow, she is a full representation of an Autumn damsel.

4. Gossip Girl - She's the two extremes. Depending on her mood, her lips are either barely there with a nude matte stick or dark and dramatic with a rich lush wine stained lip. Her lace vibe may be left as a dress or repped in boyfriend jeans, while her pointed toe booties rep a "don't mess with me" look. Her only arm candy is a dirty martini!

5. Groovy, Baby! - She's your care-free beauty with a hint of retro. Eyes with a definite 60's vibe, cat out the thickened liner, loosen up the hair yet sleek at the top with lightly blown out strands and perhaps, some locks tucked behind the ears. Flirty!