LUX Awards: Best Bank Nominees

Bank // baNGk //noun: a financial establishment that invests money deposited by customers, pays it out when required, makes loans at interest, and exchanges currency.

Fresno First Bank - Fresno First Bank is dedicated to the banking needs of businesses, professionals, and successful individuals throughout Central California.

We believe businesses and individuals want the "hands-on, know your customer" approach, especially when it comes to their money. It is our mission to provide a full range of banking services differentiated by an ability to tailor and adjust services quickly to meet needs and opportunities unique to this area.

Achieving that mission is assured because every employee at Fresno First Bank has an ownership stake in the bank. Each has the courage, passion and commitment to create business banking relationships which define a new level of service by recognizing that YOU'RE A PERSON FIRST.

Premier Valley Bank - Relationship banking. It's the driving force behind everything we do. Our relationships are based on a mutual trust between banker and client, built over time. As a Premier Valley Bank customer, you'll never be treated as an account—we don't serve numbers, we serve people. And the personal service that you'll receive at Premier Valley Bank is a reflection of that philosophy.

You'll find that banking with Premier Valley Bank offers unique benefits, like business bankers who know your name and your business; loan approvals with local decisions that don't have to come from a centralized, out-of-town office; daily courier service, picking up deposits from your workplace. But the biggest advantage may be that we have a vested interest in your business and your community, in helping them both to thrive and grow. We are committed to your success.

Premier Valley Bank provides unprecedented access to the bank's officers and board of directors, each of whom is committed to ensuring that our level of performance not only meets your expectations, but surpasses them. We invite you to call on us with any banking need you may have.

Central Valley Community Bank - Central Valley Community Bank distinguishes itself from other financial institutions through its 36-year track record of strength, security, client advocacy and the values that have guided the Bank since its opening. The Bank’s unique brand of personalized service has strategically grown throughout California’s San Joaquin Valley. Guided by a hands-on Board of Directors and a seasoned Executive Management Team, the Bank continues to focus on personalized service, referrals and employee satisfaction. Central Valley Community Bank’s strong foundation, concern for its team and training opportunities at all levels has afforded the ongoing addition and retention of high-quality employees.

Wells Fargo Bank - We believe in our vision and values just as strongly today as we did the first time we put them on paper more than 20 years ago. Staying true to them will guide us toward continued growth and success for decades to come. As you read more about our vision and values, you will learn about who we are, where we’re headed and how every Wells Fargo team member can help us get there.

EECU Credit Union - Unlike many other types of financial institutions, we are a not-for-profit corporation solely owned by our members. There are no stockholders - each EECU member is an owner in equal standing, and has the right to attend the Annual Meeting and vote for the Board of Directors and Supervisory Committee.

As of December 31, 2015, EECU is the 68th largest credit union in the U.S., the 14th largest in California, and the largest locally-based in the Central San Joaquin Valley. We serve more than 253,000 members and our assets are more than $2.6 billion.

EECU is very financially secure. Depositors enjoy insurance coverage to at least $250,000 and backed by the full faith and credit of the United States Government. Educational Employees Credit Union is a full service retail financial institution (it does not provide business financial services). Checking Accounts are free and pay dividends when balances are over $500. Share Savings Accounts, certificate accounts and Individual Retirement Accounts have some of the best rates available. Loans and credit cards are available for almost any purpose, also with some of the best rates around.

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