Chukchansi gold resort & Casino

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Jennifer Ruiz,

Chair Woman

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The Picayune Rancheria of Chukchansi Indians has a long history of resiliency; a proud legacy of survival, thanks to our ancestors, that our tribal citizens and leaders carry on today. This drive to not only survive, but to thrive, has been embedded within our tribe and tribal business operations, including the Chukchansi Crossing Fuel Station & Travel Center and Chukchansi Gold Resort and Casino. As the largest employer in Madera County and voted best Casino Resort by the Central Valley People’s Choice Award 11 years in a row, Chukchansi Gold Resort and Casino has demonstrated its consistent commitment to excellence in customer service to the community. 

Describe Your Work Ethic

As a leader, you have to get the job done! Stick with it, put in the time, and always do quality work. It’s always best to work smarter, not harder so I also try to be as efficient as possible. For me, technology really helps with that such as emails, e-calendar reminders, and a good electronic filing system. 

What Is The Secret To Your Success

One of my secrets to success is to do my best to maintain a good personal balance with my work life, family life, and self-care. I also believe constant self-reflection is important. I believe it helps you constantly improve and consider how things could be more effective. 

How Do You UnWind

I unwind by playing with my little girls (ages 2 and 6 years old), by reading, and by playing soccer. 

How Do You Find Your Work-Home Balance

Finding a good work-home balance is all about planning. You have to schedule appropriate time and truly be present whether it is time to focus on work or time to focus on family.

What Inspires You

I am inspired by good true leaders. That doesn’t always mean a fancy title or notoriety. I believe good leaders step up because they see it is needed and want to help. 

Three Words That Best Describe You

Honest. Fair. Dedicated.

What Motivates You

I’m motivated when I see an opportunity to create positive change in the workplace or with something I care about.