Mariner Luxury Furniture and Lighting


Aida Mohamed,



Stay humble, work hard, be kind, and independent.


Mariner Luxury Furniture and Lighting is a furniture store concept created by Mariner, based on Mariner’s flagship store in Valencia, Spain. What makes us different from the other furniture line is that our furniture, lighting, and accessories are created with a style that convey an air of originality, creativity, personality, class, and innovation, which is achieved by combining traditional craftwork with exceptionally creative flair.

Three Words that Describe Aida

Hard-worker. Independent. Visionary.

Who Mentored Me In My Career

I am extremely thankful for my parents for being the greatest mentors. They supported and motivated me in all my goals, education, and business. They always pushed me to work hard no matter what. The greatest mentors!

Visit Mariner Luxury Furniture and Lighting’s site at:


7835 North Palm Avenue, Suite 103 

Fresno, CA 93711




Advice For Women

Be determined on what you want—do not doubt yourself. Nothing is impossible. Be strong-minded, consistent, and do not delay great opportunities, especially when it comes to education and achieving your goals that are going to propel you to future gains. Utilize the power of being a woman.

Who We Are

We are so proud to open our first and only store in Fresno, California. Fresno is a jewel waiting to be discovered. Because the Central Valley has a lot to be unleashed, Mariner is making its first appearance here in Fresno. We want to introduce our exquisite store to the Valley because we believe that Valley residents deserve a fine and luxurious furniture store that’s going to be one-of-a-kind.