Valley Sleep Diagnostics

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Palatine building


Fresno, California


Your good night sleep is our business!

Valley Sleep Diagnostics is an escape from a traditional clinical sleep lab. Your health and comfort are priorities at Valley Sleep Diagnostics. Located in the iconic Palatine Building in northern Fresno, you will relax in our beautifully appointed guest rooms and rest in luxury. All of our rooms are tastefully decorated with queen size beds and flat screen televisions. And we offer our patients a continental breakfast in the morning.

Three words that best describes Valley sleep diagnostics

Advanced. Private. Posh.

Why Valley Sleep Diagnostics?

Valley Sleep Diagnostics in the highest-rated sleep lab in town! It’s like going to a hotel! Our patients even get to enjoy a continental breakfast when they wake up. You’ll be so relaxed that you won’t even know you were monitored all night.

What makes your business unique to Fresno?

We offer a beautiful, spa-like sleep lab—it truly doesn’t feel like a doctor’s office. Our accommodations are unmatched in the Central Valley. Patients sleep in queen size beds in beautifully decorated rooms, complete with flat screen televisions.

The biggest misconception

We hear, “I sleep fine; I don’t need a sleep study.” If you don’t feel your best when you wake up, you could probably benefit from a sleep study.

Our passion

Serving our patients. Sleep impacts our overall health and ability to function to the best of our capability every day. By helping our patients get a better night’s rest, we are helping them be better every day.

What sets us apart

Our dedicated staff and state-of-the-art equipment make us unlike any other sleep lab in town—we are here to help you sleep better!


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Fresno Location

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