Steinway Piano Gallery


Heyner Oviedo,


Quality. Artistry. Elegance.

Steinway Piano Gallery of Fresno is one of 30 piano galleries across the country. This beautiful showroom offers a wide selection of new and pre-owned pianos. After more than 20 years in the industry, Heyner Oviedo was able to realize his dream of representing the finest piano in the world: Steinway. He believes everyone should have the opportunity to experience music—with 10 piano studios and 18 piano teachers in his gallery, Central Valley residents can do just that. 

Our specialty

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Steinway is a tradition, an investment, and a family heirloom to be passed on over the years for many generations to enjoy. No other piano can rival the quality of the sound—very warm and mellow. Every Steinway is handmade, taking a year to complete. 98% of all concert soloists perform on a Steinway.

Our new location

We moved to our new space to create a beautiful atmosphere. All the walls in the store are curved to imitate the structural theme of a grand piano. We created a beautiful concert hall that sits 80 people, which is open to our students for recitals.

Our community involvement 

We offer our concert hall to all teachers for their recitals, at no cost. The Music Teachers’ Association of California uses the concert hall for meetings, where we host piano competitions. And we are replacing all the pianos at Fresno City College with Steinways.

My inspiration

Being a music and business major, I had a passion to change Fresno’s culture one family at a time. It’s not just about selling pianos—it’s about music education.

Steinway Spirio player piano

With the Spirio player piano, you can hear the world’s greatest pianists live in your living room. With the touch of an iPad, the Spirio brings you performances from the world’s greatest artists, as it plays simultaneously in your home.