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Whether you have been deterred by injury, lack of time, knowledge, or even drive, The Body Building has your specific therapeutic answer to help. Our wide variety of offerings include: beauty treatments, stem cell therapy, PRP, chiropractic, massage therapy, full body and localized cryotherapy, cleanses, infrared wellness treatments, athletic recovery, and a wing that offers a full menu of IV therapy, as well as cosmetic injectables.

Most requested non-invasive procedure?

Our Sélene Sculpting device. The Sélene is state-of-the-art, combining thermal shock technology with CryoSculpting to first heat the fat cells then immediately freeze them away. Results from this treatment are often immediate and can be permanent!

How do you provide the safest environment for your patients? 

Safety is key. We have some of the newest technology in the Valley. Oftentimes we schedule consultations even for our most non-invasive treatments to ensure that specific treatments are the right choice for a client. With some therapies, a post-treatment wellness program is created to follow up and follow through with a client’s progress. 

Kasey kahl

Describe your inspiration

My inspiration stems mostly from loss. From high school to this day, the opioid epidemic has taken a large toll on several friends of mine. I wanted to create a better alternative to pain management and relief. I dived into as much research as I could to open a wellness facility of the utmost, highest natural standard.